Painting the Team Vision

One of the biggest jobs of a coach is to paint a vision for the team. In some instances areas of the vision are set by a higher authority such as a director, club or even the culture of the location but the coach must imprint their own vision and values on the team.

One of the best pieces of advice I have received is that a coach should be themselves when on the field. Players struggle respond to the coach not trying to put on an act for them. When a coach can live in their own state of flow they will be able to be their best self to the players on their team.

When the coach goes to determine what the style of play for the team will be and what system will be used to implement those tactics with the coach must be true to themselves and their vision of how the game should be played. With this comes the balance between the coach playing the game through their vision and the coach assessing the strengths and weaknesses of their players before.

Ultimately the end result is determining a clear vision, an understanding of how to achieve this vision (the process needed to get to the end goal) and a clear articulation of these items to the team. However the coach wants to play they need to tell their players why this is necessary, what the path is to get there, how the players will be effected along the way and what the possibilities will be when success is achieved. Once the coach has put this information together, they must then be able to help the players be able to get there.

A coach must have all the answers and lead players toward finding those answers. When the coach takes the vision and direction they have planned for the team players need the initial information right away, but the details should be brought out over time, rather than all at once. The most important portion of any of this is that the coach has a clear understanding of the answers and a way to get players find those answers.

When working with a team, one of the first steps should be determining what the vision for the team should be, working out a plan to get the team to that spot and then start to implement these ideas.


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