Solutions Based Coaching is an idea that generated out of a classroom in Athens, OH in 2015. The idea came about when it was presented that a sports coach is truly just searching for solutions to problems. A player has a bad first touch the coaches responsibility is to search for solutions to that problem. What did the player do wrong and what needs addressed in the players technique? How should the coach provide this information, can the coach guide the player to the right answer or does the coach need to provide the answer? How can the coach help the player replace a bad habit with a better one? The questions go on and on, and the quest to find quality solutions continues.

This blog is simply an overflow of these ideas. How can the soccer coaching community as a whole be better at finding solutions to problems and when solutions are found how can that information be shared between coaches to elevate the ability of all those involved to aid in player development within our community. For this reason, sharing, questions and comments (especially those that contain a different perspective) are welcome and encouraged within the walls of this space.